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Cultural Trekking

The culture of Nepal in Cultural trekking - Nepal is loaded with natural magnificence and it has its exceptional cultures. It holds over 70 ethnic groups and more than 60 different languages spoken in varied regions of Nepal. The Nepali language is the national language of Nepal. And, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. In fact, Nepal is a multilingual, multicultural, and multiethnic country and has been subsisting with religious tolerance amongst the diversity of the people which can see in cultural trekking. Nepal has such a places for cultural trekking like Upper Mustang Trek, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Tsum valley trekking, Rolwaling Trek, Dolpo Trek, Tamang Heritage Trek, etc.

Nepal Cultural Trekking - Nepal consists of numerous cultural, racial, and linguistic groups that frequently are separated into three large categories: Indo-Nepalese, indigenous Nepalese and Tibetan-Nepalese. Within Indo-Nepalese, a lot of people practice Hinduism from centuries and speak Indo-Aryan dialects. While the Tibetan-Nepalese has typically Mongolian facial appearance and they talk using Tibeto-Burmese languages. Under this category culture, people practice Buddhism, Hinduism or animism. There are many other religions followed in Nepal like- Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism as well as Kirat religion and every religion has its own norms and traditions, all those can be experienced while you visit Nepal for Cultural trekking.

Nepal Cultural - At the top rank, Hindus are kept. Under them are alcohol-drinker castes, and at the bottom lies untouchable Hindu castes. In history, highest caste people have possessed the greater part of the land and enjoyed the economic as well as political privileges excluding lower castes in Nepal Culture.

Cultural trekking - Talking about different festivals celebrated in Nepal, there are above fifty festivals celebrated every year. The major ones are –Dasain, Tihar, Chhat, Lhosar, Holi, Gai Jatra, Ghode Jatra, Krishna Janmashtami, Teej and several more. Visiting Nepal during these festival celebrations will amaze you and you can name culture trekking in Nepal.

Cultural trekking - besides, beautiful art and architecture of Nepal are profoundly influenced by different religion. Unique arts can be noticed in temples, shrines, religious objects and more. Art and religion are so intensely intertwined that it is not possible to divide the one from the other in Nepal.

Nepal Kailas Trekking is all time ready to make your visit to Nepal memorable and let you collect a lot of cultural trekking knowledge about the country and notice the artistic beauty found here during cultural trekking than city tour.

Activities in Cultural Trekking

Helambu Trek

Helambu Trek - (09 days )

Helambu lies near the north from Kathmandu. Helambu trekking is an easy and an exciting hiking in Nepal. Helambu trekking offers superb mount perspectives of Ganesh Himal (7405m),  Langtang Lirung (7245m), Dorje Lhakpa (6990m) and other named and unmanned mountain peaks of Langtang Himalayan, Gan..

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Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek - (22 days )

Nar Phu Valley Trek in the direction of Thorong pass via Kang-la (Kangla pass 5320m). Nar Phu valley trek is one of the idealistic journeys in an unexplored segment inside the ways-hidden valley of the Annapurna region. We, Nepal Kailash Trekking Company strongly recommend you combine Nar Phu vall..

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Tiji Festival Trekking

Tiji Festival Trekking - (18 days )

Upper Mustang additionally alludes generation from all over the international thru its amazingly celebrated Tiji competition hiking. And Nepal Kailash trekking has been arranging the top Mustang Tiji competition hiking each year all through the Tiji competition. The pageant has had a good time for..

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Tsum Valley Trekking

Tsum Valley Trekking - (18 days )

A good choice the Buddhist Cultural in Tsum Valley Trekking, Nepal if you are looking for Tibetan glimpse. Tsum Valley trekking let you walk across first a part of Manaslu then Tsum Valley. Tsum Valley Trekking lies in the northern part of Gorkha in Nepal. The word 'Tsum' is brought up from a T..

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Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek - (26 days )

Manaslu Tsum valley trek is more secluded but stunning than many, with uneven vertical routes in Manaslu Region. Manaslu region puts forward a fine intermingle of cultural hodgepodge and unbelievable peak views including the view of the eighth highest mountain in the whole world, Manaslu (8156m) w..

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Rolwaling trek

Rolwaling trek - (20 days )

Rolwaling trek is one of the rarely walked trekking trails in Nepal that rewards trekkers with its tranquility, breathtaking peak views, affluent local cultures and varied plants and animals. The region lies at an elevation of 5,755m and is covered in thick woods so ascends are vertical. Rolwaling..

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Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav Kunda Trek - (11 days )

Bhairav Kunda trek is Natural beauty; Cultural richness. Bhairav Kunda Lake trekking offers a spectacular view of the background snow-capped mountains peaks including the Dorje Lhakpa (6966) is equally eye appealing.  Bhairav Kunda is one of the sacred lakes in Nepal Himalayas.The top of Bhirav ..

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Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Jomsom Muktinath trek can start three ways.  Number one, approximately an hour drive from Pokhara to Nayapul then trekking to Muktinath via Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani.  The second option,  Drive to Beni first via Nayapul and either start trekking partly or continue to drive Muktinath via Tatopani (..

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Pikey Peak Trek - (12 days )

Pikey peak trek is newly founded trekking trail in Nepal. Pikey Peak trek is known as a lower Everest trek. Pikey peak can go via Jiri as well as back to the same way if you do not want to take a flight to Phaplu. This Pikey peak trek can also start from Phaplu and ends at Jiri or Shivalaya then d..

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Tamang Heritage Trek

Tamang Heritage Trek - (10 days )

Tamang Heritage Trek is highly offering which in cultural, natural, historical and biodiversity. Tamang heritage trail where virgin Taruche viewpoint is the best spot, it is situated in Rasuwa district of Nepal. Throughout your whole Tamang heritage trail, you can find the hearty Welcome greeting ..

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Ganesh Himal Trekking

Ganesh Himal Trekking

Ganesh  Himal Region 

Ganesh Himal has been derived the name of the Hindu god of good luck and fortune- Lord Ganesh. People suppose that Lord Ganesh resides in the Himalayas of the region, therefore, it is considered Holy Mountain. Apart from the beautiful landscape of Ganesh Himal, you will ge..

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Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek

Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek - (13 days )

Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek is known as Dhaulagiri South Base Camp trek also. The trekking is categorized in moderate (strenuous).  This trek requires being owned camping prepared before you start the trip through an agency with experience trekking guide (Trekking staffs). The first part of the tre..

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