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Where is Tibet? Tibet set at the central part of Qinghai-Tibet upland, the south-West front line of China actually borders with Sichuan, Qinghai, Yuannan, and Xinjiang, to the south. Tibet is adjacent to India, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, and Kashmir on the west. Covering an area of 1.22 million km2, which is 12.8% of the total area of China, Tibet is formerly titled as "land of snow" because it is all the time strongly topped with snow with almost no signs of settlement. Definitely, traveling to Tibet will be an awesome experience of your life. And, we, Nepal Kailash Trekking designs Tibet tour packages to Tibet without limiting the tour packages only in Nepal Tibet.

Tibet China holds the greatest ranges situated in Ima, the Tisi, and there are numerous lakes, springs, rivers, waterfalls, etc. The most startling ones are Lhasa River, Yarlung River, Namtso Lake, Manasarovar Lake, Basum Tso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, Lhamo Latso Lake, etc. Regarding temperature, the normal temperature there is approximately 8°C, while the lowest may be -16°C. January is the coldest month since the temperature falls at -9 °C. Plus, between May to September the state has a rainy season.

Likewise, while traveling to Tibet, you will also get a chance to meet the inhabitants of Tibet like-Tibetans, Luopa, Han Chinese, Menpa, Hui, Sherpa, and some Deng groups. The Tibetans are the major inhabitants, as 92 percent of the area populace is occupied by Tibetans. Visiting Tibet during the most significant festival- Tibetan New Year, Lhosar will be another overwhelming experience of your life. It is a time when Tibetan families assemble and be hopeful of a better year. Some of the other significant festivals are Monlam, Saga Dawa, Chunga Choepa and much more.

No doubt, traveling to Tibet, you will get a chance to see the extraordinary and magical land. In fact, it is a striking place where Buddhist culture flourishes, centuries-old monasteries are set and extremely amazing desert land comes into view. 

Activities in Tibet

Tibet Tour

Tibet Tour

Go to Tibet tour - Tibet is positioned between the historic civilizations of China, Nepal, and India. it's far separated from the ancient civilization of China through the extensive-ranging Mountains to the Tibetan Plateau and from the Nepal and India with the hovering Himalayas of Nepal and India. Tibet tour has were given the two nicknames: the roof of the arena and the land of snows. Tibet excursion is famous for its lifestyle that is the mixture of Chinese, Indian and Nepalese tradition. in addition to this fact, Tibetan culture advanced in its personal awesome way due to Tibetan vicinity’s remoteness and inaccessibility. Furthermore, Buddhism has the strong influence of Tibetan way of life considering its advent inside the seventh century. In Tibet art, literature and song all include factors of triumphing Buddhist beliefs.   ..

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Kailash Trekking Tour

Kailash Trekking Tour

Kailash Manasarovar, Nepal Kailash Trekking Company is the specialist Kailash trekking tour operator in Nepal. Kailash tour is the most popular for both pilgrimages, Hindu, and Buddhist. Every year, thousands of visitors visit around Mt. Kailash (during allow by Chines government) as well as Lake Manasarovar lies on the border between Nepal and China, which was opened in 1993. Kailash Trekking Tour in Humla which is the most far-off district on the north-west side of Nepal is one of the awesome trekking options that remain in your memories forever. Kailash Trekking Tour, you will reach near the base of Asia’s four longest rivers: The Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Karnali rivers. Besides, you will be overwhelmed witnessing two dominant and holy lakes near Kailash- Lake Rakshastal and Lake Manasarovar. The route for the Kailash Trekking Tour via Simikot is the most popular way and rewards you with astonishing views and unique culture as well as histor..

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