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Kailash Trekking Tour

Kailash Manasarovar, Nepal Kailash Trekking Company is the specialist Kailash trekking tour operator in Nepal. Kailash tour is the most popular for both pilgrimages, Hindu, and Buddhist. Every year, thousands of visitors visit around Mt. Kailash (during allow by Chines government) as well as Lake Manasarovar lies on the border between Nepal and China, which was opened in 1993. Kailash Trekking Tour in Humla which is the most far-off district on the north-west side of Nepal is one of the awesome trekking options that remain in your memories forever. Kailash Trekking Tour, you will reach near the base of Asia’s four longest rivers: The Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Karnali rivers. Besides, you will be overwhelmed witnessing two dominant and holy lakes near Kailash- Lake Rakshastal and Lake Manasarovar. The route for the Kailash Trekking Tour via Simikot is the most popular way and rewards you with astonishing views and unique culture as well as history.

Mt. Kailash, situated at the elevation of 6714 m also famous as Tise, Kailasa or Kang Rinpoche. Kailash trekking tour is considered holy by the Buddhist, Jains, the Hindus, as well as the Bonpos. For the Bonpos, Mt. Kailash was the blessed nine-storey ‘swastika’ mountain burning from paradise; for Hindus, Mt. Kailash is the home of Lord Shiva; and for the Buddhists, the peak is a sophisticated ridge of the huge Mandala of Boddhisatvas as well as the Dhyani-Buddhas in Kailash trekking tour.

Actually, Kailash Trekking Tour will give a chance to experience the tradition of Tibetan Culture, which is believed to cleanse the core part of your body and present ability to distinguish the godly world. The experience is enriching and exciting, and a lot of pilgrims go back to their homes with thoughts of happiness as well as with holy inspiration. In additional, Nepal Kailash Trekking offers the best Kailash tour cost as well as the best services. Nepal Kailash Trekking operates Tibet tour both kinds services such camping organizes and tea houses arrangement. 

Kailash trekking tour provides an opportunity to see Mt Kailash and let you collect the intermingled experience of witnessing perfect scenery, visiting several lakes, holy peak, as well as walking around monasteries. Let us know if you are interested in turning your Kailash trekking tour into the most unforgettable experience of your life.


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Activities in Kailash Trekking Tour

Kailash Trekking Via Simikot

Kailash Trekking Via Simikot - (25 days )

Many trekkers used to go to Kailash Trekking via Simikot, once the border between Nepal and China was opened in 1993. Humla is the most far-flung district in the located to the northwest side of the country. The route to Kailash trekking via Simikot is the shortest yet rewards you with amazing vie..

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Kailash Guge Trekking Via Limi Valley

Kailash Guge Trekking Via Limi Valley - (29 days )

Nepal Kailash trekking arranges Kailash Guge trekking via Limi valley, the tour that takes you to holy Kailash parvat, and also the Guge Kingdom. This Kailash tour will be a spiritual voyage that lets you explore culturally and the religious significances of Tibet with ancient Tibet as well as far..

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Dzangmu Kailash Trekking Tour

Dzangmu Kailash Trekking Tour - (18 days )

Mt Kailash Trek via Dzangmu can be a bit exhausting yet rewards you with the unforgettable views of the gigantic Himalayan scenery of Tibet and Nepal. Mt. Kailash, located at the elevation of 6714 m is also named as Kang Rinpoche, Tise, and Kailasa. It is regarded sacred by the Buddhist, the Hindu..

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Simikot Kailash Trekking via Rara Lake

Simikot Kailash Trekking via Rara Lake

Simikot Kailash trekking via Rara Lake is upwards  to the Khasa culture and settlement villages as well as alpine meadows, constituent parts are indistinguishable forests. Rara lake to Simkot Kailash trekking is the incredible views of foothills, arid lands, lush forest as well as mountains. Rar..

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