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Kailash Trekking Via Simikot

Many trekkers used to go to Kailash Trekking via Simikot, once the border between Nepal and China was opened in 1993. Humla is the most far-flung district in the located to the northwest side of the country. The route to Kailash trekking via Simikot is the shortest yet rewards you with amazing views and immense affluence in culture as well as history. Kailash trekking via Simikot is the best route regarding high altitude because Kailash tour is located in one of the highest lands with Lake Manasarovar.

Mt. Kailash, located at the height of 6714 m is also named as Tise, Kang Rinpoche, and Kailasa. It is considered sacred by the Buddhist, the Hindus, Jains, as well as the Bonpos. For the Hindus, the peak is the dwelling spot of Lord Shiva; for the Bonpos, Kailash was the holy nine-story Swastika peak burning from heaven; and for the Buddhists, the peak is a worldly ridge of the immense Mandala of Boddhisatvas and Dhyani-Buddhas, which things can see in this Kailash trekking.

Mt. Kailash Trekking Tour - You will not find the direct flight from Kathmandu to Simikot. You will have to take up a flight to Simikot via Nepalgunj, the local core of Western region of Nepal. This flight service operates only early in the morning, so you need to stay overnight in Nepalgunj to take up the morning flight. The walk starts from Simikot, located at an altitude of 2910 meters, and ascends up to Nara La pass (4530 meters) earlier than reaching the dry Tibetan Plateau. Taking approximately 6-days to Hilsa border, from Simikot with enough acclimatization you will reach the Tibetan border town named Shera for Kailash tour.  Visiting Kailash tour during Saga Dawa festival will be another awesome experience as it is one of the most vital festivals in Buddhist culture all around the world. It falls on the fourth lunar month, on a full moon day each year as per the Tibetan calendar which is celebrated honoring three important incidents in Buddha's existence- Birth, Nirvana as well as death.  The date is the year of 2018 Saga Dawa on 29 May. 

Nepal Kailash Trekking is all set to tailor the itinerary for Kailash via Simikot (Kailash tour) as per your interest. So, the team of Nepal Kailash Trekking company is the specialist to operate Kailash tour, who have been to Kailash tour 27 times already. 

 Note: If the given itinerary does not meet your timeframe or trekking tour route then just let us know for tailormade, we are happy to make it to your preferences. The route is able to exit from Kerong border instead of Lhasa route.


Trip Facts

  • Trip Duration: 25 days
  • Trek Duration: 09
  • Primary Activity:
  • Secondary Activity:
  • Max. Group Size: 20
  • Min. Group Size: 02
  • Starts Point: Kathamadnu
  • Ends Point: Kathmandu
  • Trip Grade: Hard
  • Max. Height: 5660m

Day 01: Arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, Nepal, over night Hotel 

Day 02: Preparation day Overnight Hotel

Day 03: Fly to Nepalgunj, overnight Hotel

Day 04: Fly to Simikot – trek to Dharapuri 2330m 3 hrs over night tented Camp

Day 05: Trek to Kermi 2650m, 4-5 hrs over night tented camp

Day 06: Trek to Yalbang Gumba 2890m, 6 hrs , over night tented camp

Day 07: Trek to Tumkot 3200m, 6 hrs, overnight tented camp

Day 08: Trek to Thado dhunga 3900m, 7 hrs. overnight tented camp

Day 09: Trek to Hilsa  and drive to Purang 3800m, 6 hrs, overnight guesthouse 

Day 10: Drive to Tirthapuri, 3 hrs

Day 11: Rest day

Day 12: Drive to Tholing – Tsaparang, overnight Tibetan family guesthouse

Day 13: Tsaparang excursion day, overnight Tibetan family guesthouse 

Day 14: Drive to Darchen, Guesthouse

Day 15: drive to Tarboche – trek to Dera phuk, Overnight tented camp

Day 16: to Dolma La 5630m – camp at before Zutul phuk, overnight tented camp

Day 17: Trek to Darchen – drive to Horchu – Manasarovar lake, Overnight tented camp

Day 18: Drive to Thrugu Gumba, overnight tented camp

Day 19: Drive to Chiu Gumba, overnight tented camp

Day 20: Rest day

Day 21: Drive to Dzongba, overnight tented camp

Day 22: Drive to Zdangmu, Overnight guesthouse

Day 23: Drive to Kathmandu, Overnight Hotel

Day 24: free day Kathmandu, overnight hotel

Day 25: Departure




Day 01: Arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, Nepal, overnight Hotel
Arrival in Kathmandu. Pick you up from Airport & transfer to Hotel by our company representative and brief about the program, Bed and Breakfast

Day 02: Preparation day Overnight Hotel
This day in Kathmandu - for preparation and conformity, evening briefing about the tour, overnight Hotel on BB plan

Day 03: Fly to Nepalgunj, overnight Hotel

Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj in the lowlands approximately 150m near the Indian border, the sometime flight can be in the morning schedule to Nepalgunj. Possibly, on the same day flight to Simikot 2,910 m. If no flight to Simikot on this day, sleep in a hotel in Nepalgunj on full board.

Day 04: Fly to Simikot – trek to Dharapuri 2330m 3 hrs over night tented Camp
If you are a morning in Simikot, you already start the day with a trek to Dharapuri. The route takes you on a hill above the village Simikot. Then, it goes steeply down to the Karnali River. The camp will be at a beautiful place on the river at Dharapuri.If the flight takes late due to bad weather and not enough time to reach to Dharapuri, you stay in Simikot. . There living environment Thakuris, Nepalese Hindus. The most traders and residents of northwest Simikot but Bhotias here migrant Buddhist from Tibet. Simikot is the district headquarters of Humla, the "Wild West" of Nepal. The remote valleys are still traded routes from Tibet. Sheep and mules are Himalayan transport here. So, those animals carrying rice & salt to Nepal, there will be exchanged for salt.

Day 05: Trek to Kermi 2650m, 4-5 hrs overnight tented camp
This day will be hot in the sunny day, you see walnut and peach trees line the path that leads along the Karnali River to Kermi and see a beautiful waterfall, Here live primarily Bhotia Buddhists. The village is situated above the camp. And hot springs can be visited in a day which lies between campsite and village above.

Day 06: Trek to Yalbang Gumba 2890m, 6 hrs, over night tented camp
A narrow path leads along the river Salle Khola to the Yalbang Gompa. The steep trail brings you  through a pine forest on a hill pass (2,990 m) and down to the Salle Khola, sometime we make a camp at Salle Khola camp near the river, it depends on an itinerary. Then slow accent to Yalbang Gompa next two and half an hours. Slowly take the Tibetan influences. Here the population of the villages is mostly Tibetan Buddhist. Here you go camping. For a luck, you can visit the evening puja experience in the monastery.

Day 07: Trek to Tumkot 3200m, 6 hrs, overnight tented camp
This day, you visit on the way nice and traditional village of Yangar 2,850m and Much 2,920m reach you today Tumkot. Along the way, you encounter as usual salt traders, who transport their goods with sheep and goats in Nepal. Farmers farming on that level barley, wheat & potatoes. By the way, this day you cross the Karnali River at the bottom of the Muchu. 

Day 08: Trek to Thado Dhunga 3900m, 7 hrs. overnight tented camp
Al the way following the Kailash pilgrimage route via Smikot. This is a beautiful trail, you will see some waterfalls stream opposite of your trail. Yari village (3,670 m), the last settlement on Nepalese territory. Views on Saiphal Himal (7,000 m). The landscape is barren and receives Tibetan fictional character. Your camp is situated above one hour of Yari. 

Day 09: Trek to Hilsa  and drive to Purang 3800m, 6 hrs, overnight guesthouse 
Today is an easy trail leads up to Sipsip 4,300 m and Nara La passing 4580m. But walk slowly at the high altitude. By passing the Nara la top, you can enjoy the first glimpse of the Tibetan highlands. In an impressive way, you get down to the Karnali River, Hilsa 3720m. The suspense bridge marks the way to Tibet. Here you will find the Tibetan Department. After customs, formalities continue to Purang driving about an hour approximately.  

The Purang town lies at Karnali River near the border with Nepal and it’s also called Taklakot. Also, Purang is connected by the old pilgrimage route across the Lepu Lekh Pass into India. In this market Tibetan wool, sheep, yaks, and a colorful selection of Chinese, Indian and Nepalese goods are traded. Here, an interesting by meeting nomadic Khampa, Nepalese and Chinese. On a hill above the town make you refresh by seen Gombas and snow toped peaks. Overnight in the guesthouse in Purang.

Day 10: Drive to Thirthapuri, overnight tented camp
You first see the mandala of Mount Kailash from a pass view point after shortly driving across the Tibetan villages from Purang. The links "Mondsee" Rakshasa, right, the "Sonnensee" Manasarovar and in the center stands the pyramid of Kailash. Driving continues to Tirthapuri, where Padmasambhava meditated. On this beautiful peace place, still the breath of old Tibet is an alive traditional place of pilgrimage, with hot sulfur springs. 

Day 11: Rest day
This day for bathing, relaxing and washing clothes, and time for reflection, with the pilgrims to circumstance a little hill, to meditate.If you have another program is included then drive through the canyon with packed lunch.It goes into a fascinating journey to Khyunglung near old Bon monasteries called Guru Gem. Here you will find beautiful hot springs, where you may be able to take a bath. Then drive back to the camp in the evening - Tirthapuri. 

Day 12: Drive to Tholing – Tsaparang, overnight Tibetan family guesthouse
Drive to Tholing about 3 hours, on the way picturesque spectacular scenery and take a lunch at Tholing restaurant then visit Tholing with its white and red monasteries and drive to Tsaparang overnight at Tibetan family guest house.

Day 13: Tsaparang excursion day, overnight Tibetan family guesthouse 
After breakfast visit the Guge Kingdom with the Morning view in Sutlej valley. The former royal cities of the Kingdom of Guge are located in a spectacular canyon in the Sutlej River, India is not so far from here. Tholing Tsaparang were the most important cities in Tibet during the 11th Century and by the 1042 of the scholar Atisha was invited to India by Tholing. Particularly impressive is the amazing murals in the palace and the monasteries are situated on a hilltop landscape. During the ten to twelve century, this was the center of Tibetan culture, which still testifies to the impressive murals. Overnight in Tsaparang

Day 14: Drive to Darchen, Guesthouse
All the way back three and half hour to the main road towards Kailash Darchen. Day trip to Gangda  and Sirliung Gompa if the local government allowed.  Overnight stay in the Sun Moon Guesthouse opened by Swiss Kailash Hospital.

Day 15: drive to Tarboche – trek to Dera phuk, Overnight tented camp
You can drive to Tarboche about 30 minutes or start trekking around the holy mountain of Kailash the highlight of the trip is two and half day  (51 miles) of the Holy Mount Kailash Kora/circumstance, which is called by the Tibetans and the Hindus Kora or Parikrama for the circumstance. The western valley with Padmasambhava, the great magician, at Dirapuk gompa at 4.900m height. From there, offers a fantastic view on the north side of the Mount Kailash

Day 16: Trek to Dolma La 5630m – camp at before Zutul phuk, overnight tented camp
After cross the wooden bridge little climb takes you the graveyard after Shiva Tsal Vajrayogini, as a symbol of death, pilgrims leave here back a piece of clothing or a little hair as well as money for next time.The Dolma La Pass is situated at 5630m, it is the physical and spiritually the highest point of the Kailash trip via Simikot. The Dolmala pass awaits you with colorful prayer flags. After the pass bellow appears Gauri Kund Lake (Tso Tuksche). Hindus takes a bottle of holy water for their home. The eastern valley is associated with Milarepa, the famous Tibetan hermit, whose history is closely interwoven with the mountain.The camp will be set near the Zutrulphuk Gompa have the ability to go between the latching points individually. 

Day 17: Trek to Darchen – drive to HorchuManasarovar lake, Overnight tented camp
After visit for the Pooja at Zutrulphuk Monastery, about three hours trekking to the ending point of Kora and time to say good bye to the Yakpas {Yak man} where to pick you up by jeep, 30 minutes drive to Horchu  or walk for full kora to Darchen about an hour approximately, camp at Manasarovar Lake side Camp

Day 18: Rest day
This day will be a lazy day after Kailash Kora, washing clothes, drying things and just walk around the lake relaxing. 

Day 19: Drive to Trough Gumba, overnight tented camp
Today, start of the circumnavigation of Manasarovar lakeYou can walk along the eastern shore to Trugo Gompa about seven to eight hours or alternatively jeep drive partly as you wise. You will have wonderful views of Mount Kailash across the blue Manasarovar Lake like the sky.

Day 20: Drive to Chiu Gumba, overnight tented camp
Along the way either drive or walk with fantastic views along the Gurla Mandata and  Mount Kailash. Today, the circumnavigation on about two hours from Gossul to Chiu Gompa or  can also drive. Enjoy the serenity of the lake to visit the monastery and the hot springs. 

Day 21: Rest day
This rest day can be you need cut if it previously occurred in the Tour delays because of flight cancelation Nepalgunj to Simikot due to bad weather.

Day 22: Drive to Dzongba, overnight tented camp
Drive along the Tsang Po river (Brahmaputra} the tour show you views on the Dolpo,  Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massive and on the north side of the Kingdom of Mustang of the Nepal Himalaya ranges. 

Day 23: Drive to Zdangmu, Overnight guesthouse
This day scenery will be a lake called Peigu Tso, a large, deep blue lake with views of the Mount Shishapangma 8,000m above the sea level. The day gives you Tibetan plateau and drive via Nyalam through a spectacular gorge down to the border side. Within few hours come from throughTibetan plateau to full oxygen greenery scenery approximately 1100m above sea border side in Dzhangmu.

Day 24: Drive to Kathmandu, Overnight Hotel
Drive about 20 minutes down to Friendship Bridge and complete the necessary customs formalities and Crossing the border into Nepal. In Nepal side will be waiting for our border representative with transport for Kathmandu, it takes about four to five hours, depends on the road condition.

Day: 25 Free day Kathmandu, overnight hotel
Free day for shopping and evening farewell dinner, overnight Hotel

26: Departure
We transfer to airport and the service is finished


Cost Include

- All ground transports by private vehicle as per itinerary required

- Kathmandu accommodation inclusive breakfast as per itinerary

- Nepalgunj accommodation/food on full board

- All entry fees as per itinerary {Humla special permit for the first week US $ 50 per person then after one week US $ 7 per person per day and monasteries fees in Nepal and Tibet}  

- Present Chinese visa US $ 85 per person {subject to be changed}

- Kathmandu Nepalgunj Simikot airfare US $ 390 and airport tax {subject to be changed}

- Three times meals {Veg. non veg. } including Lunch, Dinner and breakfast during trek with hot water/tea/coffee


- An English speaking highly experienced friendly and helpful Nepal trekking guide

- An experience cook for camping trek

- Tent, mattress, chair, table and cooking utensils during camping trek

- Camping charge

- Needed mules for luggage in Nepal part and Yak and Yak man for Kailash Kora

- Jeep/van or bus + one supporting truck in Tibet as a group size 

- Oxygen cylinder and first aid kit 

- Guest house in Tibet as per itinerary

- An English speaking Tibetan guide in Tibet

- Guide, cook, needed Sherpa and porters, their salary/food/accommodation/insurance and required transports

- Rain protection duffel bag for luggage

- Farwell dinner in Kathmandu at the end of the trip

- Company guarantee the rescue services if needed; please hand over your insurance policy copy to us

- Government taxes and office service charge


Cost Exclude

- International airfare

- Nepal visa fee which obtained at the airport on arrival, a multiple tourist visa for 15 days US $ 25, for 30 days US $ 40 and for 90 days US $ 100 or Equivalent convertible currency {bring 2 copies passport size picture}

- Helicopter charter to Simikot from Nepalgunj on flight cancelation due to bad weather 

- Extra nights Hotel in Nepalgunj on flight cancelation due to bad weather

- Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks bottle of mineral water and snack  foods during trekking

- Meals in Kathmandu

- Restaurant food bills during camping if out of plan

- Guest house charge in Tibet if out of itinerary

- Any personal medical or evacuation expenses incur and strongly recommend international Travel Insurance

- Extra porter for the personal day bag pack

- Horse/Yak riding along the trek

- Political disturbance blockade expenses  

- Extra cost on natural disaster

- Sleeping bag can be rented from company @ USD 00.80 cent per day per piece

- Kathmandu sightseeing {it will be extra because we should arrange according to your  staying in Nepal}

- Any other expenses which are not mentioned in the cost include

- Tips to staffs

Note:- 1. Single tent supplement charge will be extra charged (US $ 200 each single tent)

       2.  Single supplement service not available at any guesthouse during Tibet



Contact Information

  • Nepal Kailash Trekking Pvt. Ltd
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