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Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek is a remote hidden valley in western Nepal Himalayan variety, which offers fantastic mountain perspectives and arid region. Dolpo hiking is split into three sections, such like lower Dolpo Trek, top Dolpo Trek, and Shey Gompa  (pronounce also Gumba or Gompa, are monastery) to Jomsom Trek. according to this itinerary, we are neither doing just journeying through Shey Phoksundo Lake or decrease Dolpo or current at Jomsom through going over in addition northern. So, This itinerary of Dolpo trekking is a prepared center course which known as inner Dolpo Trek as nicely. by using attaining to Shey Gompa, it is already upper Dolpo Trek as nicely. Or whether you trek further up from the Shey Phoksundu lake, with a purpose to be top Dolpo.  Dope can be pronounced Dolpa as well.  The the majority used to mention Dolpa as opposed to Dolpo.

Upper Dolpo Trek requires a special permit, which charges for 10 Days the US $ 500 in step with member and after 10 days the US $ 50 per day per character. also required more allow prices like Shey Phoksundu countrywide park price Nepalese rupees 3000 in keeping with the character and decrease Dolpo free for a week Us $ 10 according to person. The top Dolpo trek is a physically tough trek in Nepal. So, inner Dolpo Trek one of the adventurous trekking in Nepal due to the fact this is an excessive altitude hiking in Nepal.  Dolpo trek gives magnificently lovely panorama, Culturally rich area, Bonpo nonsecular.  top Dolpo treks acknowledged a no rain or much less rain belt area. that is why higher Dolpa trek is also can do in the course of in monsoon season in Nepal because of rain the shadow far away place. Dolpo trekking season is March to October.

Trip Facts

  • Trip Duration: 26 days
  • Trek Duration: 20
  • Primary Activity: Trekking
  • Secondary Activity: May to Oct
  • Max. Group Size: 10
  • Min. Group Size: 2
  • Starts Point: Kathmandu
  • Ends Point: Kathmandu
  • Trip Grade: Hard
  • Max. Height: 5115m

Day 01: Your arrival to Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu (1350m), Nepal

Day 02: Kathmandu full day sightseeing 

Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (150m) 

Day 04: Flight to Juphal then trek to Dunai (2109m)  

Day 05: Trek to Chekpa (2670m) 

Day 06: Trek to Renje (3104m)

Day 07: Trek tO Phoksundo lake (3738m), 6/7 hours

Day 08: Explore day

Day 09: TREK to Phoksundo Khola  (3500m) 5/6 hours

Day 10: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang  (4400m) 7/8 hours

Day 11: Cross Kang La (5115m), then Shey Gompa  (4126m) 6/7 hours

Day 12: An Explore day at Shey Gompa 

Day 13: Cross Saldang La, (4785m), then Namdun Gaon (4400m) 7 hours

Day 14:  Trek to Saldang (3900m) 3 hours

Day 15:  Trek to Sibu (4000m) 6 hours

Day 16:  Trek to Jeng La phedi (4480m) 4/5 hours

Day 17: Cross Jeng La (4850m), then Tokyu Gaon (4240m) 6-7 hours

Day 18:  Trek to Dho Tarap (4100m) 2 hours

Day 19:  Trek to Serkam(3630m). 7 hrs walking.

Day 20:  Trek to Khani Gaon(2550m) 6-7 hours

Day 21: Trek to Tarakot (2280m) 4 hours

Day 22:  Trek to Dunai (2109m) 5 hours

Day 23: Trek to Juphal (2404m) 3 hours

Day 24: Fly to Nepalgunj then connection flight to Kathmandu

Day 25:  Leisure  day in Kathmandu

Day 26:  Dparture 


Day 01: Your arrival to Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu (1350m), Nepal
One of our Airport Representatives will be met you, and transfer to hotel. Overnight at hotel, inclusive Bed & Breakfast (BB plan).

Day 02: Kathmandu full day sightseeing
After your breakfast, your city tour guide will take full day city tour of Kathmandu valley including Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath, Swayambhu, and Kathmandu Durbar square, overnight at hotel, inclusive breakfast. 

Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (150m)
Approximately an hour flight to Nepalgunj with good view of the Himalayas to the northern. Upon arrival at Nepalgunj Airport,  transfer to hotel .Overnight at hotel, inclusive of full board meal (Dinner and Breakfast, with accomodation).

Day 04 : Flight to Juphal then trek to Dunai (2109m)
The flight to Juphal /Dolpo from Nepalgunj is an exciting,  The Juphal airport is situated on a hillside above the river at an altitude of 2354m, a village and just below overlooking the deep Thuli Bheri valley. You will meet our support staffs for  upper Dolpo trek and start the first day journey about three hours to Dunai. Dunai is a district headquarter of Dolpo district. Dunai is a large village with paved stone street lined with houses, several shops and some lodges. Theere is  a school,  administrative police check-post and government office.Overnight at tented camp, inclusive of full board meal.

Day 05: Trek to Chekpa (2670m)
The trail will follow a route of the confluence of the Thuri Bheri and Suli Gad rivers and turn to the north and toward the Suli Gad river. The trail is mostly keeping in touch to the River. You also walk through some nice villages like as Parela meaning eyelash, Rahagaon and Ankhe. Eventually, you will arrive at Hanke, which is also the entry point of Shey Phoksundo National Park.Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meal.

Day 06: Trek to Renje (3104m)
The trail begins with very excited , after  crossing the river through  well made bridges, then start  a steep ascent on a narrow trekking trail hugging  to the cliff face. Then descended to the river again the trail takes another steep ascent requiring frequently  to watch the panorama landscapes a part of the Dolpok.  Overnight at tented camp  inclusive, full board meals.

Day 07: Trek to Phoksundo lake (3738m), 6/7 hours
The trekking trail is gradually steeply ascending. After leave the River, the path high above the water. You will ascend to a ridgeabout 3900m from where you can see amazing views of a waterfall. That will be your first view of Phoksundo Lake. Then descend through birch forests to the picturesque settlement of Ringmo village with Mani walls. To the lake just a short walk from camp.  Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 08: EXPLORE DAY!!!
The day forrest and  admire the beauty of Phoksundo lake. We also visit nearby villages inhabited by Bon and Buddhist Settlers. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 09: TREK to Phoksundo Khola  (3500m) 5/6 hours
Today, follow the trail the edge of the Phoksundo lake.  By the entering remoteness area starts adventure trail through wooden paved and  climb up very steeply  till to 4040m, and then descend again to the valley bottom to enter the torrent plain of the Phoksundo River and trek to night stop alongside the river, better to fixed the camp within the boundaries of the forest to avoid the worst of the wind which is prevalent in the valley bottom. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 10: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang  (4400m) 7/8 hours
Today, several stream crossing trails, be prepared mentally for that. You continue along the stable level  through a glacial valley. As trail gets more narrow, there are impressive vertical cliffs and contorted rock formations.  At the flowing together of the Phoksundo with another stream and  unnamed, mountain   there is an old wooden bridge  A long trail climb leads you to a sheep meadow where the trail veers up a steep ravine. After  strong  walking bring you into another valley from , where can see the Kang La 5115m, the pass will lead you to Shey Gompa.  Camping site will be before that pass (Kangla phedi west 4500m). Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 11: Cross Kang La (5115m), then Shey Gompa  (4126m) 6-7 hours
After  the end  flood plain trail, then the trail goes steeply up.  To be reached  the top of the Kang La takes approximately three hours.  From the top however view is magnificent and well worth all the hard work what you earned by taking pictures. The elevation of the Kang La is providing  different map different altitude, so it depends on the map uses for all region trekking of Nepal. Here,  descending steeply to the valley down,  about 45 minutes then  a long meandering trek along the banks of the river. A red shorten heralds signified your are there at Shey Gompa where a quaint wooden log bridge brings up to the Shey area. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 12: an Explore day at Shey Gompa
Shey Gompa is a Bonpo monastery in Dolpo region of Nepal. Shey  Gompa is  called the Crystal Mountain . Shey Gompa belongs to the Chaiba community, Padmasambhava and Kagyupa  sects. It was the first Kagyupa monastery, the founder was the lama Ten-szin-Ra-Pa. Shey Gompa  was built during the 11th century. Shey is the  famous for an ancient Buddhist culture. In Dolpo an ancient Tibetan way of life combines animism with the teachings of Buddha. Introduced Buddhism in the Dolpo valley by  Drutup Yeshe. Many years ago, he came into Dolpo and came across a wild. The Crystal mountain distorted cliffs are laced with quartz and embedded with a rich variety of marine fossils. Shey monastery stands above the confluence of Kangju Nala and Yeju Nala. There is a group of prayer wheels which runs by water.Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meal.

Day 13: Cross Saldang La, (4785m), then Namdun Gaon (4400m) 7 hours
Trekking trail lead a pleasant juniper track,  the trail ascends to a gray, stony canyon. Afterwards, trekking path begins to turning up and down hill around the corner,  over bare rocks and coarse eroded soil.  Until an eventually brings you to a flat spot suitable for  lunch. You then continue very steeply up about 25 minutes before traversing to the top of the Saldang La (another pass of upper Dolpo Trek). From here, trekkers  can enjoy one of the great views towards an arid landscapes of Mustang and the distant snow peaks of Tibet. Then the trekking trail descent towards the north, which is long and exhausting but you finally come upon the welcome sight of pastures of grazing yaks and sheep and nomad. This signals your approach to Namduna Gaon. This village is similar Shey, the Namgung monastery is of the Karmapa sect. The monastery, which signified a red stone structure, it is built against the surroundings of a cliff on the north wall of a gorge. The monastery is washed by red and white color and  stupas are the only color in this barren landscape. The village itself consists of only six stone houses and has terraced fields on both sides of the stream, which flows down to the Nam Khong valley. The economy of the region is based on agriculture, trading and animal husbandry. Dolpo farmers only one time  a year can be grown crops, it is mainly barley and potatos. In some villagers field farms buckwheat, oilseed, potato and radish are also cultivated as a modern technology copied. Recently the main cliff temple collapsed and the villagers have already built a beautiful new monastery in the village. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive  full board meals.

 Day 14: Trek to Saldang (3900m) 3 hours
Climbing a scary slope by leaving Namdung monastery.  After somewhile, begins a long, thrilling traverse along some dusty barren. See here, Looking down into the valley bottom, it is an apparent that the people have made best use of the lush valley, it is the neat cultivated showing bright patches of green and cultivated. You should  ascend to 4700m and steep trek down before the picturesque village of Saldang . This is  the biggest village of the inner Dolpo area. Though the village lies at about as high as  Ringmo.  It is a totally different landscape.   Saldang is an arid zone of the Trans-Himalayan with Tibetan plateau. The village stretches for two kilometers ,  it is situated an open slope and consists with five villages  nearly six hundred population.  The villagers are only not depending to agriculturally, also for the strategic location on a trade route to Tibet   The people of Dolpo, collect salt from the western plains of Tibet  (dried lakes)  north of Tsangpo. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meal.

Day 15: Trek to Sibu (4000m) 6 hours
After leave Saldang, the trail leads down to the river bed  pass through terraced fields, stupas, shortens, heaps of Mani stones and a Chaiba monastery. The next village is Namdo, also selttled with sixty houses having about  four hundred inhabitants. It does stretch for more than 5km on the high slopes to the left of Nam Khong Khola. The  monastery of namdo is located near the river bed. There is also another monastery on top of a high cliff.  Normally the camp near the small settlement of Sibu, right on the river bank. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive of full board meals.

Day 16: Trek to Jeng La phedi (4480m) 4/5 hours
The trail follows river valley which is fairly easy-going primarily.  About bout two hours walk,  there is another stream before turning into a side valley where the climb becomes  sharp. As a whole maximum five hours walking you reach lunch place and night stop. This is a lovely meadow, with rocks, yak and other animal droppings. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 17: Cross Jeng La (4850m), then Tokyu Gaon (4240m) 6-7 hours
Reach to the top of the Jeng La, takes about two hours. The trail is usually well-compacted making the going   easier, but it is steep. You can pleasant  good views of the massif Dhaulagiri, impressive in the morning light from the top of Jeng La. A rough trail descends towards the next village called Tarap valley. Around the afternoon time find a green valley, it leads you with enjoyable track down towards the Tarap Chu. Tarap is a valley with vast plains in high mountains extending along the river Tarap Chu. There are  ten villages with cultivated fields, many monasteries and buddhism of both sects. Normally stop for the night at Tokyu monastery.  Overnight at tented camp, inclusive  full board meals.

Day 18: Trek to Dho Tarap (4100m) 2 hours
The path follows along the downhill of Tarap Chu in a plain valley with patches of lush  on both sides of the river – it is totally different from the previous parts of inner Dolpo. Before Tokyu a short visit can be made to the Chaiba Gompa if you are interested. There are many,  Mani walls and some of the shortensare in state of repairing. There is a  ‘French School' , just outside the village of Dho Tarap where can be fixed  camp. Dho is surrounded by an irregular stone wall and consists about thirty-four houses, divided into three clusters and built in a random way. Tarap is inhabited mostly cast of Magars who have lived here for since generations and sure also by a few Tibetans as well. 

The people here,  wear home-spun clothing that is sometimes dyed maroon and they favor with Tibetan style Somba (boots with upturned toes) for foot gear.  Local people often wear here, both religious amulets and strings of coral and turquoise. Visiting up to the Buddhist Gompa is very worthwhile. Visit to Bon Gompa is about half an hour walking. So, Dho tarap is one of the intereting places of the Dolpo trekking. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 19: Trek to Serkam (3630m) 7 hours
Trekking route leads  you of the Tarap Khola, gradually descending downhill. You will be walking through narrow gorges with the river rushing. On the way,  may see blue sheep, marmots, sheep, yaks and goats and  meet people from Dolpo , their flocks of sheep and goats to lower pastures for the winter. Around  afternoon brings you more wave in the path when it leaves the immediate visit of the river. Afterward, an improvements  trail  is, where some parts of the rock have been blasted out. You will also see steel made suspension bridges, it has  been built to facilitate movement of people and animals after buit the bridge. The trail  track is narrow at this places. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive  full board meals.

Day 20: Trek to Khani Gaon(2550m) 6-7 hours
Trail goes continue down to the gorge of the Tarap River, Path follows sometimes high above with a narrow by the steep slopes.  Today is an exciting day in deep and breathtaking gorge view. Tonight camp site is a pleasant meadow in the gloom of the trees. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 21: Trek to Tarakot (2280m) 4 hours
Khani Gaon leaves by the suspension bridge and then walk alongside the riverside. Trail leads you by going  high before reaching down to the river.  The day brings you into a  valley of the Barbung, you trek amongst the various crops of millet, sweet corn, barley, buckwheat, marijuana,  green beans, and hot chillies .  Tarakot is called by the local people as Dzong, Tarakot is known also an old fortress.  An earlier than the Gorkha dynasty Tarakot was the capital and had a Dzong. Thereis a  famous Sandul gompa, it lies  8km east of Tarakot. At the junction of Barbung Khola and Tarap Chu, stands on a knoll to the south of Bheri River. At one time supervised for the trading caravans traversing region called Tichu Rong. There is  another  alternative to camping at Tarakot,  camp can be down by the river as there are good cooking facilities with clean. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive  full board meals.

Day 22: Trek to Dunai (2109m) 5 hours
The trail  gradually descends. Trekking  path beside the Bheri River you use the original path built twenty feet above the river. All  the way lower comparing previous days and feeling going back to home. After reached to the village Dunai , the camp site probably same you used before. The time is completed the Upper Dolpo circuit trek! Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meal.

Day 23: Trek to Juphal (2404m) 3 hours
The trail which you have done already at the day of bigining. It is a celebration time by ending the dream trip of the life . It is a celebration time by ending the dream trip of the life Overnight at tented camp, inclusive full board meals.

Day 24: Fly to Nepalgunj then connection flight to Kathmandu
Mostly, an early morning flight to Nepalganj. This is a wonderful scenic adventure about 35 minute flight over the Himalayan. The views of the main mountains including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri to the north. After kae off the flight at Nepalgunj,  connect with the flight back to Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel, inclusive  breakfast.

Day 25: Leisure  day in Kathmandu
It is a free day, shopping. Evening farewell  dinner with cultural program, overnight at hotel, inclusive breakfast.

Day 26: Dparture 
One of Nepal Kailsh Trekking Company’s representative,  transfer to the airport for your onward journey.


Cost Include

• All ground transports by private vehicle as per itinerary required

• Kathmandu accommodation inclusive breakfast as per itinerary

• Nepalgunj on full board required itinerary

• All entry fees as per itinerary like lower Dolpo trekking permit per week per person US $ 10, Shey Phoksundo National park fee 1000 NPR, and Upper Dolpo special permit US $ 500 first 10 days then after $ 50 per day per person (bring 2 copies passport size picture)

• Airfares  and airport tax as per required itinerary

• Three times meals including Lunch, Dinner and breakfast during trek with hot water/ tea/coffee

• An experience cook for camping trekking

• Tent, mattress, chair, table and cooking utensils during camping trek

• Guide, cook, needed Sherpa and porters, their salary/food/accommodation/insurance and required transports

• Camping charge

• An English speaking, highly experienced friendly and helpful trekking guide

• Transports and cargo for camping trek utensils 

• Rain protection duffel bag for luggage

• The Company guarantee the rescue services if needed; please hand over your insurance policy copy to us

• Government taxes and office service charge

Cost Exclude

• International airfare

• Nepal visa fee which obtained at the airport on arrival, a multiple tourist visa for 15 days US $ 25, for 30 days US $ 40 and for 90 days US $ 100 or Equivalent convertible currency (bring 2 copies passport size picture)

• Helicopter charter to Juphal from Nepalgunj on flight cancelation due to bad weather 

• Extra nights Hotel in Nepalgunj on flight cancelation due to bad weather

• Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks bottle of mineral water and snack  foods during trekking

• Meals in Kathmandu

• Battery charge during trekking

• Any personal medical or evacuation expenses incur and strongly recommend international Travel Insurance

• Extra porter for the personal day bag pack

• Extra cost on natural disaster

• Sleeping bag, can be rented from company @ USD 00.80 cent per day per piece

• Kathmandu sightseeing {it will be extra because we should arrange according your  staying in Nepal}

• Any other expenses which is not mentioned in the cost include

• Tips to staffs


Contact Information

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    Nayabazaar 16, Kathmandu, Nepal
    P. O. Box No. 20213
  • Tel: +977-1-4365099
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